16 January, 2012 4:20 PM
Leading Surveying Equipments for Widely used in Construction, Building, Land Surverying and Agriculture use. Pentax Leading Surveying Equipment and most popular brand in Pakistan.
SCAMA is leading the technology development in Aircraft Arresting Systems and with recent projects is setting the standard for the latest fighters eg Su-30, F-15, F-22, F-35, Typhoon and Gripen.

- Auto Level AP Series - Economical Series
- Auto Level AL Series - Professional
- Auto Level AFL Series - Most Professional
- Digital Thedolite ETH400 (2 - 20 Seconds)
- Total Station R400V Series (7 - 2 Seconds)
- GPS RTK Systems

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TRUEMAX (CHINA) - LIGHT CONSTRUCTION MACHINES. Truemax one of Leading manufacture of Light Construction Machines. The Best quality machines with their ISO Certified Standards. STA - SINGLE TOOTH ANESTHESIA - Dynamic Pressure Sensing (DPS) Technology precisely monitors and control both pressure and Flow Rate.
WAND - Computer controlled local Anesthetic Delivery Systems
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- Steel Bar Bending / Bar Cutting Machines
- Concrete Power Trowel / Finishing Screed
- Portable Concrete Mixers
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NTI- Kahla GmbH (German) manufacturer and exporter of high quality Rotary Dental instruments.This range of instruments for dental office and laboratory consist of diamond burs and discs, carbide burs, cutters, surgery instruments, polisher, abrasive, endo instrument, post system and kits.
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